Ernesto Marenchin

stow, OH

Men   41544    



DateCategoryTeamCompetition / EventDisciplineClassResult
1.12-05-2021 10:00M Masters 50-54 (Men)Lake EffectKrampus Kross
Race 2
CyclocrossRegional5/5, gap:-1 lapFull Analysis
2.11-09-2019 14:00M Masters 45+ (Men)Team Lake EffectOhio State Cyclocross Championships
Men 35-54
CyclocrossCitizen14/20, gap:4'12"Full Analysis
3.11-09-2019 10:45M SS (Men)Team Lake EffectOhio State Cyclocross Championships
Single Speed
CyclocrossCitizen7/12, gap:5'07"Full Analysis
4.11-02-2019 13:00M Masters 35+ (Men)Lake Effect Cycling TeamDown by the River Cross
Race A
CyclocrossCitizen2/5, gap:0'54"Full Analysis
5.09-29-2019 12:15M Masters 35+ (Men)Lake EffectHiram
MEN 1/2/3 + MASTERS 35
CyclocrossCitizen2/11, gap:1'06"Full Analysis
6.09-22-2019 12:15M Masters 35+ (Men)Lake Effect Cycling TeamBrooklyn
MEN 1/2/3 + MASTERS 35
CyclocrossCitizen5/8, gap:3'32"Full Analysis
7.08-25-2019 13:00M Cat 1/2/3 (Men)Team Lake EffectEdgewater
MEN 1/2/3 + MASTERS 35
CyclocrossCitizen13/17, gap:-1 lapFull Analysis
8.11-10-2018 20:00M SS (Men)Team Lake EffectCX Champs
CyclocrossReg. Champ.3/9, gap:1'40"Full Analysis
9.11-10-2018 17:00M Masters 45+ (Men)Team Lake EffectCX Champs
Men Age Groups 45-99
CyclocrossReg. Champ.2/21, gap:1'18"Full Analysis
10.10-27-2018 20:002 Person Relay (Open)Bike AuthorityNEOCX Halloween Race
Fat and Single
CyclocrossCitizen1/5, winnerFull Analysis
11.10-27-2018 19:00Men Masters 45+ (Men)Bike AuthorityNEOCX Halloween Race
CyclocrossCitizen1/2, winnerFull Analysis
12.10-21-2018 14:00M Masters 45+ (Men)Team Lake EffectWhiskey Island
CyclocrossClub2/13, gap:1'41"Full Analysis
13.10-14-2018 14:00M Masters 45+ (Men)Lake Effect Cycling TeamCross 'n Hops
CyclocrossClub2/10, gap:0'43"Full Analysis
14.10-07-2018 14:00M Masters 45+ (Men)Team Lake EffectTodd Field
CyclocrossClub2/12, gap:0'21"Full Analysis
15.09-30-2018 14:00M Masters 45+ (Men)Team Lake EffectHiram
CyclocrossClub5/18, gap:2'17"Full Analysis
16.09-23-2018 19:15M SS (Men)Team Lake EffectBrooklyn
CyclocrossClubDNS/12Full Analysis
17.09-16-2018 14:00M Masters 45+ (Men)Team Lake EffectOrrville
CyclocrossClub5/15, gap:2'45"Full Analysis
18.09-08-2018 15:15M Masters 45+ (Men)Bike AuthorityEdgewater
CyclocrossClub4/13, gap:2'59"Full Analysis
19.11-19-2017 14:45M Masters 45+ (Men)Bike AuthorityBoettler Park
R2-Mens Masters
CyclocrossClub2/8, gap:0'02"Full Analysis
20.11-12-2017 14:45M Masters 45+ (Men)Bike AuthorityFarm Park
R2-Mens Masters
CyclocrossClub1/13, winnerFull Analysis
21.11-05-2017 14:45M Masters 45+ (Men)Bike AuthorityWhiskey Island
R2-Mens Masters
CyclocrossClub2/13, gap:1'08"Full Analysis
22.10-22-2017 13:45M Masters 45+ (Men)Bike AuthorityForest Hills
R2-Mens Masters
CyclocrossClub7/15, gap:3'57"Full Analysis
23.10-08-2017 13:45M Masters 45+ (Men)Bike AuthorityTodd Field
R2-Mens Masters
CyclocrossClub5/15, gap:1'00"Full Analysis
24.10-01-2017 13:45M Masters 45+ (Men)Bike AuthorityHiram
R2-Mens Masters
CyclocrossClub4/18, gap:1'15"Full Analysis
25.09-24-2017 13:45M Masters 45+ (Men)Bike AuthorityBrooklyn
R2-Mens Masters
CyclocrossClub4/18, gap:1'01"Full Analysis
26.09-17-2017 13:45M Masters 45+ (Men)Bike AuthorityBlue Sky
R2-Mens Masters
CyclocrossClub5/13, gap:2'33"Full Analysis
27.09-10-2017 15:15M Masters 45+ (Men)Bike AuthorityNEOCycle
CX - Mens Masters
CyclocrossClubDNS/25Full Analysis